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04 September 2011 @ 10:25 pm
My Lollapalooza 2011 Recap Post  
So it's been a month, and I'm just now getting around to posting about Lolla. I'm sorry ;___; But it's not entirely my fault, since LJ has been a pain and a half this last week. DDD:<<

Before we get started:
-click to enlarge all pictures
-Kat= lalalive23
-Vee= glitterati
-Liz= hopeandmemory
-Megan= meganvio
-Alison= aluhsin
-LJ was screwing up all of my videos, so I'm sorry that they are in link form. :(

Thursday started out with me flying into O'Hare and meeting up with Kat. I should mention, the hug that occurred was one of the best, most epic hugs ever. :'D We then took the subway into the city, and managed to snap a pic.

The hour ride into Chicago included talks of Muse, Friendly Fires and Pottermore. I could already tell this was going to be an amazing trip. :') Once in the city, we set our sights on meeting up with Kat's friends from England, Niall and Adam. O M G. Beautiful, gay Englishmen. I kind of wanted to cry a little bit. We then checked into our hostel, dropped off our bags, and headed for the box office to claim our wristbands.

From L-R: Me, Adam, Niall and Kat


Right after, we met up with Megan and Alison so Kat and I could claim our ontd_muse jerseys. We stopped for some tea and I also passed out some of my cookies that I made for the trip. Again, drinking tea with Brits. Is this real life? XD
Once that was done, our next destination was to visit The Bean, and in the process we got to see a lot of downtown Chicago.


(lolol tourists)

And here we are, finally at The Bean. I mean, the ~Cloud Gate.

Ok, so the amazing Muser dinner + actually seeing Muse at Lolla is perfectly documented at the Supermassive Lollapalooza Recap Post over at ontd_muse.

I'll just use this space to post my videos of the bands leading up to Muse. (Sorry The Vaccines and Delta Spirit, none for you.)

I didn't think White Lies would open with one of my favourite songs, hence why I missed the beginning.



Unf Holy Ghost unf. And the way that bass kicks in around 1:10? PANTY EXPLOSION. My camera didn't really pick it up, but I could feel it all the way down to my bones.

So if you couldn't tell, White Lies were fantastic. Having listened to them about a week before Lolla and seeing them live, I now get the hype. I was very pleased that out of their set, I think I didn't know or recognize like, two songs. So I was really able to enjoy their show, even though I consider myself a casual fan. (Even though it might sound differently on film. I was screaming what lyrics I knew at the top of my lungs. My bad.) (J/K, I'm find myself loving them more and more everyday. *shakes fist at Kat*) I loved that all Harry had to do was lift an arm or two, and the crowd would go nuts, especially the cute British Harry fangirls behind me. I found them to be very adorable, mainly because I can only imagine what we sound like when we start fangirling over Muse. XD

Here's a screencap an ontd_muser got during the White Lies stream on Youtube.

L M A O I love how it looks like I'm having a religious experience. (Which is accurate, more or less.)

Right, next was A Perfect Circle.

Now, aside from having heard a couple of songs on the radio growing up, I really didn't know a thing about these guys. I understand that, like most bands, everybody isn't going enjoy a show, but I'm pleased to say I really liked it! Maynard James Keenan is an interesting frontman, in that, he's not even in the front of the stage. And he kinda moves like a gorilla. But he certainly has a great voice, and the rest of the band members are very talented. (And pretty attractive, I might add. I'm looking at you, Baldie, with your military green skinny jeans and military boots. Unf.) What grabbed my attention about the song I filmed was the beginning. It's kind of hard to hear, but it was GRITTY AND RAUNCHY THE HELL. Omg if I wasn't in public I probably would've caught myself grinding, lmao. XD



After Muse, I had planned to go to a Friendly Fires DJ set that was taking place across town. I went back to the hostel, showered, got dressed, etc and was hoping I'd find somebody to go with me by the time I was ready. Turns out everybody was knackered and wanted to stay in. No big deal, I'll just go by myself. So I head downstairs and out onto the street and freeze. I'm suppose to take a taxi late at night to a part of town that I've never been to in a city that I'm not too familiar with in the first place. Suddenly this does not feel right AT ALL. I'm not sure if it was brain over thinking things or my conscience warning me, but I decided right there to not go. And I may or may not have started to cry because I really really WANTED to go, but it was just one of those feelings that I simply could not ignore. It sucked, pretty much. I told a couple of people that I went, but I'm sorry, that was a lie. I was just too embarrassed to tell the truth. :/ ) Since I was already dressed for the night, and I din't feel like going back to my room, I texted Vee and made plans with her. So I hooked up with her, her (now our) bro Jordan and Liz. I met them at this apparently famous burger joint called The Billy Goat. It was a great late night snack. I ordered this one drink called The Horny Goat that nearly knocked my lightweight ass OUT. haha. So that was good to be around people who would take my find off of FF's DJ set. And tbh, I never really heard how it went, so I guess it's nice that it hasn't been in my face or whatever. Once we were done eating, we hit up the ginormous Marilyn Monroe statue that's nearby, snapped so pics and turned in for the night.

The arrival of Saturday only meant one thing to my one track brain: FRIENDLY FIRES. I met up with Kat, Niall and Adam for tea again. We also stopped by Barnes and Noble so Kat could buy a French to English dictionary for Jack the drummer. We also made a CVS run since both mine and Kat's sunglasses had broken the day before. (Thanks, Muse. XD) Once we were all geared up, we headed to Grant Park. Once at Lolla, we went to the f.y.e. store tent, since you have to buy an artist's cd in order to get a wristband to get in line for autograph signings, which Friendly Fires were having right after their set. Once that was taken care of, Kat and I said goodbye to Niall and Adam and made our way towards the stage. Thanks to some Death From Above 1979 fans we made friends with, we were able to get barrier. :3 :3 We didn't have to wait too long for FF to take the stage, but the whole time they were setting up the Pala backdrop and playing the "Blue Cassette" intro I was fangirling all over the place. And you could hear Ed Macfarlane talking backstage and I pretty much wanted to die from his beautiful voice. But then FF *did* take the stage and I


Oh laaaaaaaaaawd I have not been that fangirly and bananas in a long time. Maybe ever, haha. But really, is that a surprise to ANYONE at this point? Seriously.

Ok, have some beautiful faces. :'D


Right. So FF started their set with 'Lovesick.'


Um. Wow. Yeah. Ed jumps off the stage and BEELINES it straight to Kat and I and I know he's going to come into the crowd and "omg I need to turn my camera off before it gets destroyed!" haha.

So here is a video that picks up where my video cut off, starting at about 4:15.


Yes, that was pretty much my train of thought while Ed was in the crowd. XD For the record, you can see me around 4:50. I'm in the white tee with sunglasses and a purple lei. XD If I had to pick any one moment to higlight my Lollapalooza experience, it would be this one, hands down. I love that after Ed left the crowd, our DFA 1979 bros, who only knew a song or two by FF, were all "Holy shit. Wow. *_*" Proud moment, tbh.

A couple of pics from that moment:


Towards the middle of their set, they played 'On Board,' which is one of my favorite songs live. It's such a bro fest omg. :'''D


"Jaaaack!!!" rofl Jessica you are ridiculous. ^_^ (unfffffffff DAT BASS *___*) (also Edd Gibson you beautiful man. <3 And aww, Ed went into the crowd again.)

Friendly Fires ended their (omg way too short ;___;) set with 'Kiss of Life.'


Now I should mention, that I've hardly ever seen Edd Gibson leave the stage, much less dance/jam/head bang in front of the crowd like that. I'm just going to assume that's because we were an amazing crowd. :D

And then....it ended. :'''''(

But I wasn't ready to enter my pit of dispair just yet, as I still had the meet and greet to attend to. I was really really surprised by how many people were in line for FF, tbh. On the one hand, I was glad to see so many fans, but on the other hand I was hoping for some more one on one time. I can't complain too much, however, seeing as the line was so long it got cut off a couple of people behind us. While in line, we were informed that no photography was allowed. I was pretty dang pissed, ngl. I had spent many a day dreaming about getting my picture taken with my boys, as sad as that sounds. But at least I had my Hawaiian folk tale book I could give them and potentially remember me by. I even wrote a little message inside. So what happens when I finally get up to the boys? I forget about the stupid book in my hand. D'oh! Ed Macfarlane has that affect on people. So yes, Ed was first in line and I handed him my Pala cd to sign. He signs it and I ask him for a hug. He more than happily agrees and says something along the lines of "it's so lonely" and then proceeds to ~groan in my ear (in a holy-crap-I-haven't-seen-you-in-three-months-and-we're-like-bffs-and-I'm-going-to-bear-hug-the-living-daylights-out-of-you kind of way. lol like that makes ANY SENSE.) Basically, IT WAS AMAZEBALLS. I also complimented him on their set mid-hug. His beautiful curly hair was so soft too that I just wanted to die right then and there. But then our moment was up and it was Edd's turn next. Again, I asked for a hug and he smiled, stood up, and did a similar, but less intense, groan. I specifically remember that Edd was wearing a button up plaid shirt, and when he stood up there were gaps between the buttons so you could see his chest and I was all 8D. I'm not sure of a nice way to put this, so just know that I don't mean to be rude or whatever, but I loooove hugging skinny guys. They always seem to be the best huggers. Just saying. Right. Jack was last and just as cool as ever. Also a good hugger.

(Everybody bug Kat about her Coronet and French to English dictionary stories. They are GOLDEN.)

Oh, I forgot to mention that Ed was wearing a sleeveless shirt and looked DIVINE. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, DOMINIC HOWARD. XD This picture was taken at Lolla, so I'm assuming this was the shirt Ed was wearing, but I'm not positive.


So yes, Kat and I leave the tent area and have a proper freakout. Here's my Pala cd. :)

Afterwards, Kat and I decided were famished, so we tracked down some food. I went for a breakfast sausage. Trust me, it was tasty.

Then Kat and I went our seperate ways. She headed to Deftones, and I went to Patrick Stump. By this point, I was utterly drained from being barrier two days in a row, so I stayed for Patrick's first song, which, oddly enough, was the one song I knew, and then I went towards the back and sat down.

Here is said song: 'Spotlight'


Along the way, I ran into Megan, which was nice. She filled me in on her morning and vice versa. Soon after, we were joined by Liz. We decided to go get some swag from Google+ and listen to a bit of Ellie Goulding's set. It was great to snag a mini water fan and stand in the shade listening to Ellie. Next, we made our way over to Cee Lo Green, which is where the rest of the gang was.

Oh snap. So many pplz.

So we just chilled and listened to Cee Lo Green for a bit and spaffed over Tom Kirk's Kanrocksas Instagram pics before we decided to leave. We did not want to be around the Eminem crowd, so we left Lolla for the day. The evening was spent faffing around at Urban Outfitters, grabbing Starbuck's and eating at this burger place that was nearby our hostel. Then we took the party back to the hostel lobby, where we talked about Tolkien and funny Muse fans.

If Dominc Howard was a girl.......

Sunday brought the laziest day of all. I had breakfast at Panera by myself, but was shortly joined by Kat, who filled me in on the White Lies aftershow she attended the previous night. At the time, I only kinda knew the things of which she was speaking of, but looking back at it know I'l all kjnflda YOU HAD AN AMAZING TIME! *a bit jelly* The longer we stayed at Panera, the more Musers showed up. :3 (It's probably a good thing that there isn't a Panera in the ENTIRE STATE OF UTAH, because I'd probably spend all my monies there.)

We eventually made our way over to Lolla and spent the first little bit walking through Green Street.


I don't remember why, but most of the group left, so Vee and I went and played with one of the Lollapalooza signs. :)

And the sign just so happened to be next to Buckingham Fountain. :3

Right by Buckingham Fountain were a couple of merch tents, so I wondered over there on the off chance that there might be a Friendly Fires shirt. Not only was I surprised that they had one, but they had TWO! I've had a hard time finding FF merch, so I bought both shirts in a heartbeat. :D

Once I had acquired my shirts, I met up with the rest of the group and we lounged in the shade and snapped some more photos.

We then moved from one shady spot to another so we could listen to Noah and the Whale and Flogging Molly. Both sounded good. Our spot was kind of behind one of the stages in a group of trees. At one point Vee and I left to go check out Perry's, the dance tent. I think we managed to catch the one act I wasn't into, because I wasn't all that impressed. And boy, was it ridiculously muddy over there. And smelly. D: We didn't last very long. After awhile, most of the group left to go see Artic Monkeys (I believe) but I stayed behind so I could listen to Cage the Elephant. About halfway during their set is when the EPIC RAIN showed up. A lot of people cleared out of the trees, so I moved up to the fence and enjoyed Matt's enthusiasm over the rain. The crowd seemed to be so into it. I don't blame them. I was nowhere near the stage and still had a lot of fun listening to them, even though it felt like I would never be dry again.

But hey, at least we got a rainbow out of it!

Once CtE were done, I was a bit confused try to find Vee so we could go to Deadmau5, since my phone got totally trashed from the rain. But we got everything to work out, even though I ended up missing Explosions in the Sky. =/ We headed to the stage and caught the end of Damian Marley's set. That was a pretty fun crowd, to say the least. lol

^ I love this pic. It totally captures ~The Moment.


 ^ Same for this one

I'm not sure I can explain the magical moment that occured when it started to rain just as Deadmau5 took the stage. (15 minutes early, I might add!) This video gives you some idea.


Vee and I caught the first 20-30 minutes of his set before we decided to leave, lest we be sucked under the crowd of muddly people (no seriously, we were fighting to stand up.)

Amazed we made it out alive, tbh.

We then walked down to the other end of the park to catch a bit of the Foo Fighters' set. We got there in time to hear 'Monkey Wrench' before we bailed. WE WERE SO TIRED ;____; I'm sorry, Dave Grohl. I'll go see you and Cage the Elephant when you play SLC next month.

The main group reunited at some point and got sausages, since it was the only thing open, and then turned around and went to this pub and ordered more food (which Jordan ended up paying for, omg bless :'D )

And then it was Monday, the most horrible day to ever exist. I spent the morning packing, since I had to check out by 11am, and my flight wasn't until 6pm. I got checked out and waited to say goodbye to Kat, Niall and Adam before Liz, Vee, Jordan and I left to go to the zoo. UM, SOBS EVERYWHERE. Kat is one of my best friends at the moment, if I can be so bold, so yes, it was extremely difficult to say goodbye. I think about seeing her all the time, hopefully sooner rather than later. (Skype date, please and thank you?) I also miss Niall and Adam. We only knew each other for one weekend, but I think of them as friends now. Thank goodness for Twitter. 

No time for tears now, because it's ZOO TIME. I was dumb and left my camera with my suitcase, so these were taken on my lame phone. Sorry. =/

Flamingos and penguins!

Giraffees! And meercats!


Awkward family photo! Chicago skyline! A bit of Lake Michigan! Exclamation points!

Eventually, our time at the zoo had to end, since I had a flight to catch. Jordan, Vee and Liz saw me off at the subway station and again, more tears. GOODBYES ARE EVIL AND SHOULD DIAF.

My flight ended up being delayed for over an hour, due to 'mechanical issues' and it being stormy in Chicago. I felt bad that my mom would be out late, but other than that I wasn't too bothered. There were a bunch of people on my flight, however, that had a lot of connecting flights, so I was bummed for them. But there was this one lady across the isle from me who was obviously irrated and would roll her eyes every time the pilot would come on the speakers. I kind of wanted to slap her. The flight attendants were angels about the whole thing, and I made it a point once we landed to stay after everybody had left and compliment them on their patience. PAY IT FORWARD, YO.

For even *MORE* Lolla coverage, please check out my Youtube channel and my Photobucket album.
Ok, I think that covers my Lollapalooza adventure! If I missed anything or something looks wrong, please let me know.

Thanks for reading! This really did take forever. *collapses*
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Liz: muse : invincible : handshopeandmemory on September 5th, 2011 04:53 am (UTC)
SOOOOOOBBBBSSSSSS I MISS THIS WEEKEND SO MUCH. my life has been a black hole ever since.

i'm like... just getting around to doing my laundry from lolla and i need to wash my purse after that MASSIVE-ASS RAINSTORM, lmao. everything i own was DRENCHED. luckily my phone and iPod were protected by the silver packet the wristband came in, or i would've been out several hundred dollars in replacements. xD

glad you had a good time at FF, btw! i still need to sit down and listen to their albums. they're in my iTunes library but i haven't been in the right ~state of mind~ i guess, haha.
Stacie: Muse: Stripessheerpoetry on September 5th, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)
Aww! It looks like y'all had a blast! I kind of wish I'd actually gotten to go.

THE BEAN, omg. And meerkats and giraffes. Perfect.

Where, I ask, are the pictures of the beautiful English gentlemen??